Client Feedback

Client Feedback

For my birthday, I wanted some kind of picture made of my best friend. My Chihuahua Chiquita. Although she was what I considered young, I wanted something special on my wall reminding me of the love we share.

I chose Jeannette Hay to help me with this project.

We talked about what I was looking for, and I believed Jeannette could deliver.

She came to my home, and spent time with my not so friendly little dog. It was really important to Jeannette to really understand her personality, and my favorite parts about it. I felt the appointment was long, but I trusted Jeannette so did not question it.

When I first saw the sketch, I was blown away. I still cannot believe how Jeannette captured every detail of Chiquita’s personality on one sheet of paper.

In her eyes you can see her spunk, and deep dedication to me.

This is not a sketch of a Chihuahua, this is a sketch of Chiquita. Her curiosity and zest for life are captured to the smallest detail.

This became so very meaningful, as such a short time after this, my beloved little dog got sick and passed away

I am so grateful I made this choice and have something so special on my wall looking at me each day. Thank you Jeannette.

Karen Marth ~ CORE Cleaning by Empress, ON


I cannot say enough about Jeannette’s animal paintings. She not only is able to have them jump off the wall and into your arms, but I swear you can tell what they are thinking.

Jeannette’s own affinity for animals translates into each and every painting. In her paintings at least one adopts you and demands to be taken home every time.

I have her original Confront-a-Cat and I cannot look at it without smiling, no matter what is going on at the time. This cat helps me take a step back and keep things in perspective. Just writing about it now I smile.

Betty Hynes, Ottawa, ON


Jeannette perfectly captures the lazy expressiveness of the two dogs (Char Pei’s) resting calmly under a bush, having opened their eyes only as much and as long as necessary to gaze upon the observer of the painting before surely returning to slumber. It’s on the wall of my living room, which is my refuge from intrusion, and sets the tone perfectly!

Charles Fairchild, Los Angeles , USA


Confront-a-Cat #2 embodies the pure essence of a mischievous and calculating feline. Jeannette has captured the look and emotions of a ‘cat with an attitude’ who if it could talk, would tell you, “He’s all That!

Paul Shearstone
President, Success 150 Group Inc Toronto,ON


I just wanted to formally thank you for the wonderful drawing of my dog Tonka. When we had to put down Duke, our first Doggue De Bordeaux at 18 months, my husband and I were devastated. Since then we got Tonka. I was very reluctant to get a portrait done of him, because at the time that I asked you to do one, he would have been 18 months old—same as Duke when he died. I am so glad I did not let my fear win over!!!!

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work and talent you poured into that drawing! My husband was so moved when I gave it to him at Christmas, and as you know I started crying!

Thank you again for such a meaningful Family Heirloom and I would recommend you to anyone with pets. I can’t wait to see our little bulldog’s portrait. Tonia is really excited too!!!

Kleo Tobias, Whitby, ON


Jeannette has created a “pawtrait” of Jane, my 12 year old Rottweiler. In this pawtrait, Jane has her head cocked to one side, as she does when she is being attentive to me. Jane is a 65lb runt of the litter (her mom and dad were around 125lb each) and, as such, has a unique face and shape. Jeannette has captured this perfectly. She is a wonderfully talented artist. I wish, now, that I had gotten a pawtrait of all of the dogs of my life. I recommend Jeannette’s services without reservation.

Brian Dias.Toronto USA


When receiving a record, the cover is the first thing you experience and can set the stage for what follows.
So…I wanted something special for the Lone Wolf cover…an original work of art that would not only emulate the title track but the songs on the record as a whole.
I knew my search was over when I first laid eyes on Jeannette’s Cry for the Red White and Blue.
Cry for the Red White and Blue visually announces and introduces the album beautifully…and gets one prepared for the musical journey within in an ideal and profound way.
Jeannette is an inspired, extraordinary animal artist with the kindred spirit of the wild flowing through her aesthetic work. I am honored to know her and call her friend…and will be eternally grateful for the permission to display her phenomenal art in tandem with my music.
Many thanks and much love Jeannette! Keep up the great work. You are a star…long may you shine.

Ron Rutherford, Los Angeles, USA


Jeannette Hay’s work shows a rare sensitivity to the spirit of the animals. The detail is amazing, and her use of color and texture is wonderful. The thing that always strikes me about her art though, is the expressions. It is the look in the eye and on the face that captures the personality of the animal, from wild and proud to playful and humorous to noble and dignified. She acknowledges and celebrates the spirit and soul of the creatures she depicts, and that is what sets her work head and shoulders above the pretty-picture crowd.

Her portrait of my cat Pumpkin is a stunning example of her ability to capture an animal’s personality. The sensitivity of how she captured the little pink pads of her feet and the flyaway wisps of her long hair brings my cat back to me daily. Her portrait, to me, is a constant reminder of how Jeannette was able to show everyone the beauty I always saw. I am constantly grateful for Jeannette’s vision and amazing talent.

Hope everything’s going really well for you. Talk to you soon!
And the babies say Meow! They miss you.

Kathryn Marek, Hollywood, USA


Your artwork is very beautiful. You captured the personality of the dog and the cat (in the 2 Art Cards I purchased) really well — lovely! I am also impressed with the professional presentation of the cards and your booth/display. I will definitely visit your website. Wishing you much success. Thank you for the nice chat and for the happiness you brought me yesterday by means of your beautiful cards.

In appreciation
Very best
Sincerely, H.R.F., Toronto


My daughter sent me a print of a young bear enjoying the cool water on a holiday. He lies on his back without a care in the world, lazy and contented. The expression on his face is blissful. I look at it on the days when problems or stress build up and it helps me to be relaxed and contented.
And those are the bear facts.

Fred Marek, USA