Cry For The Red White & Blue

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MEDIUM: Acrylic

PRIVATE COLLECTION and the 9/11 attack. I was living in Hollywood at the time. The Americans for the first time were feeling vunerable and alone in their country. It has since become a CD cover for musician Ron Rutherford.


“When receiving a record, the cover is the first thing you experience and can set the stage for what follows.So…I wanted something special for the Lone Wolf cover…an original work of art that would not only emulate the title track but the songs on the record as a whole.I knew my search was over when I first laid eyes on Jeannette’s Cry for the Red White and Blue.Cry for the Red White and Blue visually announces and introduces the album beautifully…and gets one prepared for the musical journey within in an ideal and profound way.Jeannette is an inspired, extraordinary animal artist with the kindred spirit of the wild flowing through her aesthetic work. I am honoured to know her and call her friend…and will be eternally grateful for the permission to display her phenomenal art in tandem with my music.”Many thanks and much love Jeannette! Keep up the great work. You are a star…long may you shine.”


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