The Gift of a Custom Painted Jewelery Box

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MEDIUM: Acrylic. Private Collection

I was asked by a pair of loving grandparents to customize the store bought jewelery box that was covered in glossy enamelĀ  they had bought for their eleven year old granddaughter as a special gift. After getting informarion from the grandparents on her favourite colour and creartures and also solving the problem of how to adhere my paint to the glossy surface I had fun customizing this pink-loving little girl’s gift. I dated it and painted who it was from so that it could remain as a family heirloom for years to come.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of a Custom Painted Jewelery Box”

  1. Dear Jeannette

    My granddaughters are thrilled with their personalized jewellery boxes.
    They say they will have them for their lifetime.

    We loved your suggestion to add an inscription with our names and date.
    We have now been immortalized!

    The care you put into all the little details were well noted by the girls.
    Each image speaks volumes to them.

    Their younger cousins, our two other granddaughters, were looking at the boxes in awe. Expect a new order for 2 more jewellery boxes next year !

    Your artistry exceeded expectations and made two girls very happy.

    All the best,
    Lisa Bell

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