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MEDIUM: Graphite pencil

SOLD – Commission

She is the sweetest rescue dog you ever want to meet with a devoted owner who nursed her back to health and brought her safety and happiness. They make quite the pair.

She has grown from a timid little dog who didn’t  like being touched much, to a confident one who demands petting sessions and treats now!


RECOMMENDATION – What my client has to say about her commissioned pet pawtrait:

Kali pawtrait displayed at home.

Jeannette has captured the calm, quiet nature of Kali and the sparkle in her eyes reveals her intelligence.  How cute are those ears?

Kali came to me as an abused rescue.

She was a frightened, quiet dog and didn’t even know how to play.

Of course, my heart went out to her the minute I met her.

Over time she blossomed, came to trust me and although she refused to play fetch, she loved to chase things attached to a string.

When Jeannette met her, Kali was quite standoffish.  Jeannette is not only a great animal artist; it also doesn’t take long for animals to warm up to her.  Kali was no exception. Once Kali warmed up to her, Jeannette gave her a massage, Kali, tail wagging, smile on her face was in heaven.  To this day, when Jeannette visits, as soon as she sits down, Kali goes to her and in her quiet way insists on a massage.

As Kali ages, this picture becomes dearer to me.

Thank you, Jeannette, your artistic skills have given me a treasure.


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