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MEDIUM: Graphite Pencil


She loved her toy hedgehogs and so I just had to include him!

She was quite vocal every time I visited her.



For my birthday, I wanted some kind of picture made of my best friend. My Chihuahua Chiquita. Although she was what I considered young, I wanted something special on my wall reminding me of the love we share. 

I chose Jeannette Hay to help me with this project.

We talked about what I was looking for, and I believed Jeannette could deliver.

She came to my home, and spent time with my not so friendly little dog. It was really important to Jeannette to really understand her personality, and my favorite parts about it. I felt the appointment was long, but I trusted Jeannette so did not question it.

When I first saw the sketch, I was blown away. I still cannot believe how Jeannette captured every detail of Chiquita’s personality on one sheet of paper. 

In her eyes you can see her spunk, and deep dedication to me. This is not a sketch of a Chihuahua, this is a sketch of Chiquita. Her curiosity and zest for life are captured to the smallest detail. 

This became so very meaningful, as such a short time after this, my beloved little dog got sick and passed away.

I am so grateful I made this choice and have something so special on my wall looking at me each day. Thank you Jeannette. Karen Marth

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